Thursday, March 19, 2020

Christian Board Games for Kids

Christian Board Games for Kids - A-Z

Here's the list of all the Christian boards games for kids I've found, complete with ranking and review of each one. You can also check out my other pages for Christian card games and video games.

Abundant Harvest for Kids and Adults (Good)
Play this game with your kids to start them thinking about real-life decisions they're likely to come up against every day. There isn't much direct Christian content in the game, but you can tell it's in the theme of the game, and you can certainly make your conversations about what God wants us to do in each situation and why.

All Aboard the Ark (Excellent)
I like this memory matching game because it's cooperative between two players as you help each other remember where the animals are and because there's a sense of urgency to it. If you flip over 10 Flood cards before you find all the animal matches, you lose.


The Apostles: Spread the Gospel Board Game (Fair)
This is a Chutes and Ladders type of game that uses events from the New Testament as the different spaces on the board. While I appreciate the idea, the simple text referencing the event isn't very appealing to children.


By Their Fruits (Good)
This board game has a lot of variety as to what can happen when you land on a tile and is great for teaching kids what it means to live a Christian life. It's a simple game to play, and the colorful board and pieces are perfect for kids.


Chapter & Verse (Fair)
This is a great idea: exploring, solving puzzling, figuring out a puzzle. Unfortunately, the gameplay gets a little repetitive and boring.


Days of Daniel  (Good)
This is a simple game to play with the kids. Collect the pieces of the picture as you review the events of Daniel's life and his prophecies.


Noah's Animal Rescue  (Good)
This is a nice cooperative game for kids and families. The object is to get all the animals on the ark. The strategy is to get them there the fastest before the rain comes.

(Back of the box pic)

Noah's Ark: Don't Rock the Boat!  (Excellent)
This is a very educational and thrilling game for children. They'll learn about the animals, about decision-making, and about estimating weights as they place differently weighted animal figurines on the ark, trying to keep it in balance longer than their opponent can. Each animal has a fact card that comes with it.


Operation: Noah's Ark Edition  (Excellent)
There's not a lot of learning here, but practicing the coordination needed and feeling the excitement of Operation is always fun, and having the Biblical theme will at least help kids remember the story.


VeggieTales: Jonah - The Overboard Adventure Game  (Good)
Walk Jonah through the steps of his story as based on the VeggieTales movie version.

Veggie Tales-Jonah The Overboard Adventure Game by TaliCor

WWJD?  (Good)
Get your kids thinking about how to make decisions from a Christian perspective with this simple but thought-provoking board game.


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