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Best Bible Board Games - Trivia and Strategy


I'm listing my favorite Bible board games, those I've ranked Excellent and Good on the site. Some of the board games are a bit older and hard to find, but you can still get used copies from sellers on Amazon, eBay, etc.

These games include only those based on the Bible, so you're going to see a lot of trivia games and strategy games that are based on a specific part of the Scriptures. If you're interested in a broader range of games, check out my Christian Board Games page.

I also feature Christian card, puzzle, crossword, word search, crossword, jigsaw, and other types of games on the site, so take a look at around.

What Are the Best Bible Board Games?

Help spread the Good News and earn victory points at the same time! In this Bible game, you gain points by spreading out on the map or increasing your number of followers in a region depending on the strategies you employ and the cards you draw. It's a fun game similar to other civilization-building board games but with a much nobler purpose.


The Bible Game: Old Testament and New Testament Board Games (Good)
The two editions of this game combine luck, trivia, and a little bit of strategy. It's a simple, fast game that's great for families to play together.



Bible Sequence Board Game (Excellent)
Draw the cards and work with your partner to get 5 in a row before the other team does. The game will remind you of the Bible events, and there are Scripture references on the cards to look up the stories while you play. If you're looking for easy but fun board games to play, this fits the bill.

What do the three clues have in common? Get the answer right, and you're that much closer to winning this very Trinity-fitting game. While being mostly just another Bible trivia game, I like the unique style of clues. Having three clues also makes the game a bit easier than answering open-ended trivia questions.

Cactus Games Bible Tribond

Bible Trivia Board Game (Good)
I like the multiple choice aspect of this game. It gives disciples of every level a better chance at answering correctly and thus having fun. There are also Judgment spaces and cards that do a variety of things when you land on them (not all of them are bad for you).


Though it says "Catholic," this game is suitable for any believer. And, yes, it looks dated, but it's still a good game. It's a trivia game with a board that's set up to walk through the Bible. The nice thing about the questions is that you can set different players to be on various difficulty levels, so it really is a family-friendly game and even good for playing with those who don't know the Bible as well as some other players.


One of my absolute favorite group games. It has everything from charades and Pictionary to Bible trivia and word puzzles. It's one of those board games the whole family can enjoy, no matter how old they are.

Cranium Bible Edition

The art is great for this game, and the questions and board are good for reviewing or discussing the Bible story. There's not a lot of strategy to the game, though.

Exodus From Egypt Board Game

Strategize against the other players in this game to see if you can build more churches in the places Paul visited.

Journeys of Paul Board Game

Play as the prophets trying to rid Israel of idolatry before the nation is overthrown by the Assyrians! This is a fun Bible game that will get you into and thinking about the time of the kings and prophets in Israel's history. There's also a lot of variety and strategy involved, making it a very solid game. Also, check out the video game version of the game on PC or Mac!


Answer Bible trivia questions in this game as you move around the board. Get blessings from the miracle cards to help you, or bad luck from the pitfall cards. You can often answer the category of question that your knowledge is strongest in, but sometimes, you'll have to meet the challenge of answering a category where you might be lacking.


Portals and Prophets Board Game (Excellent, Video Intro)
Have you ever wanted to go back in time to witness the events of the Bible? This game is the next best thing! It reminds us of the stories with attractive cards and requires a lot of strategy to win against your opponents.


Redemption: City of Bondage Board Game (Excellent)
This is a very cool game based on the most successful of Bible-inspired card games. You enter the city and engage in spiritual warfare. Each enemy falls to your faith, wisdom, or good deeds.


This is a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons in that you have one player who narrates the story and presents you with options. The difference, of course, is that it's a game for Christians, and you play as yourself, not a character you make up. As a team, you decide what to do and participate in real-life active challenges to act out parts of the story. The game is set up in chapters so that you'll need to play a few times before you reach the end of the story.


Do You Know of Any Bible Board Games That Should Be On This List?

Let me know in the comments so that I can look it up and add it to the page!

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