Saturday, May 25, 2019

Simulation Christian Video Games

Buddy Quest  (Good)

Play for free on Android or iOS!

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Group Publishing, Inc., 2015

This is a town-building sim with the Group Publishing "Buddies." You build your town, invite buddies to move in, and play mini-games. It's all pretty engaging, but you do have the normal wait times for things to build. Of course, you can hurry things up, but that's when the in-app purchases come in. The graphics are cute, and the gameplay in the mini-games is surprisingly smooth.

As you play, you'll also see Real Hero Quests coming up. They relate to what you're doing in the game but require you to do something in real life to pass the quest. The first one, which I'm showing above, requires you to do some cleanup around your house after you cleaned up the town plot. The best part of this, though, is that parents can pair set it up so that they have to mark off when their child has completed the Real Life Quest rather than the player advancing automatically. It adds some control and accountability to the game.

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Sheep Master  (Good)
Play for free on Android or iOS!

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Sunland Entertainment Studios, 2016

This is a well-done farm-building/defense game. With enemies ranging from wild animals to a sorceress who wants to take your sheep for sacrifice, you'll have your hands full trying to defend your flock! There's also a light but definite Christian subtext to the game.

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