Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Christian Matching Video Games

Bible Crush (Good)
Platform: Android
Publisher: AC Company, 2017

This is a game that has developed over several iterations. The first release used images of Jesus, the Bible, the Ichthus fish, etc. and gave you random verses to read after you completed the level. This newest edition is a little more pop-culture friendly, using fruit and plants instead of Christian images, but includes a trivia question at the end of the level. Overall, it's very light where the Christian content is concerned, but the gameplay is fun, and the app is well done.

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Bible Gems (Excellent)
Platform: PC
Publisher: Planet 316, 2014

This is a well-done computer game that walks you through Genesis as you play. You'll hear a summary of the stories, accompanied by original illustrations before each level. And each level is different, adding variety to the game.

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Play the Bible Ultimate Verses (Fair)
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Platform: Android
Publisher: RD Games, 2016

This game isn't very challenging, but it is fun to play for a while. All you have to do is cover each letter of a word with the same color of tile, and you earn points. Powerups allow you to clear words more quickly. I like that you're reading the Bible verse as you play, and you get to test your memory after each level by filling in missing words. It's also fully voice acted, which is a nice touch. The one downside is that you have to give the company your email address or log in with Facebook, which feels a little shady. I can't think of a legitimate reason they need my information to play a free app.

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Scripture Solitaire (Excellent)

Platform: PC
Publisher: GraceWorks Interactive, 2003

This is an interesting game in which you have to match parts of the verses instead of values on the cards. There are also seven modes of solitaire to explore, so the game doesn't get boring. Memorize Scripture and play a challenging game at the same time!

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Stained Glass (Excellent)
Platform: iOS
Publisher: Lightside Games, 2015

This match 3 game adds beautiful artwork and fully voiced Bible story narrations. I particularly enjoy the paraphrased Bible stories that the characters tell you. They're imaginative and add a fresh perspective to the Biblical text without crossing the line into too much speculation.

Gameplay video

Story video

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