Saturday, March 2, 2019

NIMCOR3 Christian Game Review

Hi, Christian gamers! Let’s talk about NIMCOR3!

Our Recommendation: Poor

Fun 3/5
User Controls 5/5
Content 3/5
Replay 2/5
Pacing 2/5
Graphics 3/5
Music 3/5
Sound 2/5

NIMCOR3 Review
Let me start by saying that this game has a lot of going for it. If the developer could tweak a few things, I think it could be a very strong game. As it is now, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

First, this is an RPG Maker game, which, of course, I have no problem with. It even relies on the base RPG Maker graphics and does a very nice job of showing what a developer can do with the base assets.

I like the original music with some RGP Maker tracks thrown in. I’m not a fan of the default sound effects though. I find them a bit annoying.

I do like how the story and content mix Biblical Christianity with some edgy, fantasy elements. It’s appealing without crossing the line for a broad Christian audience. I think non-Christians would even enjoy this game. As interesting as the story is, though, there are quite a few places where the text needs some editing.

When it comes to gameplay, the controls are easy enough to use, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to save the game. I’m not sure if the dev wanted his game to be rogue-like, but I couldn’t play past the opening “dungeon” because I wasn’t going to keep the game running between play sessions.

There are also way too many random battles that don’t add to the story. I like the enemies in the game, especially the idea of possessed animals, but it’s difficult to progress in the story when you need to fight every couple of steps. Also, there’s no health meter on the baddies, which is easy enough to incorporate with an RPG Maker plugin. It’s difficult to know when it’s time to run from a fight or stay and see the battle through if you can’t see how much relative damage you’re doing.

The best part of the gameplay I saw was the puzzle in the first “dungeon,” an underground cave that you enter by dropping into a grave. It was unclear why there would be such a puzzle in this grave, though.

Again, I’m intrigued to see where this game goes, but without a save option and because of the overload of random battles, I decided not to progress any further in it.


  1. You can save your game in the library and store by using phone. A sequel is in the works.

  2. It sounds like you didn't even play through it all, and gave up. How are you going to call it poor when you didn't even play the whole game? The enemies in the grave are to help you get stronger, like in final fantasy 7 you constantly have to fight in certain areas, if you got to the city you would of found a place to save and upgrade, also in the city, you only fight inside buildings, enemies are not random, they make sense with each area. Plus not everything needs to make perfect sense like Mario Games don't make perfect sense I can't believe you gave it a poor rating! Unfair review.