Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Reviews for Alpha/Omega: The Christian RPG

Let us and others know what you thought about Alpha/Omega: The Christian RPG.

Thank you, and may God's Spirit be with your spirit!

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  1. The game has its moments, its good moments, but at times it feels slow (such as in battles) spamming A is what
    I used to speed it up but that had me skipping over the dialog in battle. The game was easy to me, so the charm
    of it was in the well designed overworld and the mildly cinematic battles. I wish there were more moments like the
    one where the guy just throws his mask at you. It would make the battle more engaging. The game has a few cool meta moments, but they are very cliché and do not always work. Such as when the character is singing and the lyrics do not line up.
    Also when Michael is flashing back I accidently started that x2 with no easy way to get rid of it. A "are you sure option" would go a long way. The tutorial is reReadable, and the soundtrack is playable in a menu. You can re fight enemies after you finish the game if you want (although I did not).

    I did a micro review of the game every 10 minutes (Taking roughly and hour to finish the game) and averaged it to a final score: 6.5/10 Pleasantly Mediocre

    I am looking forward to the next update.

    I would have reviewed this on Steam, but it will not launch through steam and you have to play for 5 minutes. I launched it through the files. That could be a problem with my PC, but after following all of the steps provided by Steam I am unsure.