Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Questons about Alpha/Omega: The Christian RPG

Hi, friends! We'd love to answer any questions you have about Alpha/Omega. Comment below and we'll get back to you.

Thank you, and may God's Spirit be with your spirit!


  1. Hello! I just thoroughly enjoyed the demo through Steam and want to say thank you and God bless you for the fantastic game. My play-style is on the defensive side, so enemy encounters last several minutes. This means the battle music loops for several minutes also. The song is very encouraging so I wouldn't want to change anything about it, although my point is to ask you if any more music would be desired for this game, as I, being a musician myself, would very much love to contribute to this project! If no more assets are required I would understand entirely and I still plan to purchase the game and play through because my favorite element has been the DIALOGUE :-) Sincerely, Andrew

  2. Hi, Andrew! Thank you for the encouragement. I've sent you an email to make sure you were able to download the game. And, yes, I will be needing more music moving forward with the next chapters. My goal is to use new music for each content update. Please send me a link where I can hear your material!

    May God's Spirit be with your spirit! - Steve

  3. Hi,

    Like you guys, I am interested in Christian video game development.

    I am a 31 yr old father of three, and I live in Houston, TX. I grew up with a love for Zelda games and RPG games.I realize how games can inspire creativity and even be educational. For example, Zelda taught how to problem solve and think critically. Historical based games can teach a lot about human history. But, I also realize from my own personal experience the negative influence of gaming addiction, as well as the sexualization of gaming and glorification of violence/ sin. My concern now is that as a father is the amount of negative games and the need for more edifying games. I’m convinced that Christians need to “get of the pews” and actually “build” things (like Noah did) to impact human history in a positive way. Christians need to collaborate together to be a positive influence in our society instead of just turning a blind eye or waiting for “the rapture”. We need to build a “wall” spiritually speaking.

    I have a bachelors degree in Philosophy and masters degree in Theology from HBU. I have written many self-published books in theology under the name J. K. Ward.

    I also have been a software engineer for the last 3 years. I have been working the past 1.5 years for Compeat on web and mobile apps for the Restaurant industry, as a full stack developer. Currently, I am a mobile focused developer. I also work on a side project (Post24) through my company JK Tech. It is on the App Store and Google Play store.

    I specialize in angular, react, react-native, javascript/ typescript and no-sql databases. I also know HTML and css well. However, at my work I have worked with C# and other .NET languages, including SQL. I also have been learning and practicing with a 3D javascript engine called Three.js, due to my personal interests to create Christian software.

    I got into the industry after doing a stint of public school teaching. I’m interested in how technology and education/ Christianity can intersect. I spent a few months playing around with a Christian RPG concept using RPG Maker MV. I also am working on an online “Theological Academy”.

    However, I have become aware of the need to work with a team of likeminded individuals to actually produce anything of quality and substance. It takes a lot of work to create software, and people with differing talents and personalities. I for one am not an artist. So, I’m looking for possible collaborations.

    Jon-Michael Ward (jonmichael.ward@gmail.com)

    1. Thanks for your message Jon-Michael! Paul and I will be in contact.