Friday, January 5, 2018

"Unity" - Christian Card Game Review

Recommendation: Excellent
Originality – 5/5
Game Play – 4/5
Plot /Game Objective– 3/5
Characters – n/a
Aesthetics – 2/5

Unity is a Christian card game made by Yeshuateinu Company. This Christian card game encourages Christians to consider our roots in Judaism. The game does this in three main ways:
  • By including the category “Twelve Tribes,” in reference to the 12 sons of Jacob 
  • By using Jesus’ Jewish name, “Yeshua HaMashiach,” which means Jesus the Messiah 
  • Including Festival Cards, representing the holy festivals that Moses was given by God
Unity is not a Christian trading card game but still requires a great deal of strategy, and they are planning expansion packs to increase the fun and learning.

To win this Christian card game, you must keep two righteous cards, or one Unity card for your last play; otherwise, when you play your last card, you must draw 2 more and continue playing.

The Pros of Christian Card Game Unity
This is a fun family-safe, Christian card game. There are several pros to playing this game, including:
  • You can play Unity online for free
  • You will learn about Christianity
  • There are Biblical verses from the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament
  • Players learn about Christianity’s roots in Judaism
  • The game is genuinely fun
  • It’s easy to learn with user-friendly instructions
It’s all-around a great game to play, either online or in print. The replay value is great because it’s going to be different almost every time. Your strategy will have to bend for every new hand you’re dealt because it isn’t a Christian trading card game and your hand changes every single game.

The Cons of Christian Card Game Unity
There’s only one real con to Unity. The budget is obviously low, and the graphics could use an update. That’s not a reason to not play it though! It’s still a fantastic game.

Who Should Play Unity
Unity is a Christian card game that is great for all ages. Younger children can be put on a team with an adult to learn how to play the game, as they would if you were playing a game of ‘Crazy 8’s,’ for example. It’s about the Bible, but non-Christians and non-practicing Christian people will thoroughly enjoy playing this Christian card game with you.

It’s a fantastic learning opportunity for students in Christian schools and also for the youth ministries in any church. Order it from the creator!

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