Monday, December 23, 2013

Redemption Christian Card Game Review

Redemption is the most popular Christian card game around. It was first published in 1995 and is still in production with new cards and card collections.

I love collectible trading card games and Christian card games are even better.

Here's my take on the positive points of Redemption:

Card variety. Not only do you have a large variety of card types, but there's also a ton of cards to choose from. After so many years in production, the game has had a lot of time to create a wide swath of playable cards.

Simplicity. The game is easy to learn both for those used to playing deck-building games and newbs to the genre. The rules are not complicated for this one. It's a pretty easy pick up and play game, which means you won't need to spend hours studying the rule book or flipping back through it for reference as you play. 

Based on Scripture. The game's objective is to rescue lost souls and bring them to salvation. To do this, it uses persons, events, and concepts from the Bible, so not only are you playing the grand Biblical quest, but you're learning/using the Bible while doing it.

A large following. Being so popular, it's very easy to find other players. There's an active forum community and sponsored tournaments, so you can meet and play with as many other fans as you want.

Art work. It's visually appealing. The cards are attractive. Nice to look at.

Negative points:

Only one objective. I can't say this is too much of a negative, but the game only has one objective, so you're only ever trying to do one thing in the game. This is somewhat negated by the variety of cards you can use to accomplish the goal and the fact that your opponent will always be playing different cards in the game as well.

Competitive. Again, I can't complain too much, but having a cooperative Christian card game would be a little more preferable to this player. It would be nice to be able to work together with other Christian players rather than against or in competition with them.

Only two players. Each match is limited to two players. Again, this isn't abnormal for collectible card games, but it is a limiting factor to the game.

As far as Christian card games go, this is definitely a fun, varied option for any player. To give you a better idea of how the game actually goes, I'm including this gameplay video.

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