Saturday, June 13, 2020

Review of "Logos" the Christian Video Game

TeComprendo has just released a very solid demo of the 3D, Bible-inspired video game, Logos. While unfinished, this game shows a lot of promise. Right now, the development team is offering free downloads (and promising to keep the game free) to see if there is enough interest to continue working on it.

Right now, you can play through the days of creation and the story of Noah, including meeting Methuselah, the oldest man in the Bible. You'll fight giant Nephilim and work to finish the ark before the flood comes.

The graphics are impressive, and the battles are intimidating but not overly difficult. The voice-acting is in Spanish only at this point, but there are English subtitles that are fairly well done. The only real problem I had with the game is that you spend a lot of time walking from one location to the next. While not realistic, I could wish that the environment was shrunk down a little.

Bottom line: Check out Logos. I think you'll be impressed with how far TeComprendo has come so far. You can download it for free at

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