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Marlborough Mystery - Now You See It... (Covenant RPG Adventure)

Marlborough Mystery
Now You See It... 
by Mark Penn and Steve Wilson

The Bishop & Sherriff of Marlborough run the county jointly on behalf of the monarchy.

Sherriff Avmerend takes care of matters of law and order and can call upon the army and navy of Camelot to assist. Bishop Layland takes care of spiritual matters, diplomatic matters, and subtle matters that require obtaining information. Both men jointly look after security, finances, and many other aspects of life in Marlborough.

Fresh out of training, you are an assistant deputy of the Marlborough Synod. Once you finish your first mission, you will be promoted to deputy. You are invited into the Bishop’s office in Port Vale, where the Sherriff is also waiting. 


They congratulate you on completing your training and give you your Marlborough Synod Rank insignia. It is a distinctive silver broach with your badge number on it. You are told that it is to be worn at all times, either hidden or on display.

The Bishop then explains the following: “Supplies on route to the battlefront against the Spire are being searched, and some supplies are going missing, we believe stolen. We have managed to establish the supplies are going missing somewhere in Marlborough. It is mainly food, but also some small weapons and basic items that the knights need.

“Unfortunately, we do not know how the items are going missing or who is taking them. We need you to find out who so that we can put a stop to it.”

The Sheriff then pipes in: “We know supplies are offloaded from ships here at Port Vale, then onto wagons. Supplies are then transported by wagon to Cottingham, and then on to Marentz and beyond, about four days’ journey.

“We think there are places of opportunity that the supplies may be being taken:

  1. The camp at Copperhill, because the wagons are not guarded that well there.
  2. The supplies are sometimes hard to guard when crossing Cottingham Bridge; they should be safe in Cottingham though.
  3. Or the Camp at Marentz / Marl Junction, again maybe not guarded too well there.”

The Bishop continues: “When we check at Marentz, we find supplies either missing or interfered with. If it’s an inside job, we don’t want to raise suspicions, so we are playing it quiet at the moment until we find out what’s going on.”

The Sheriff finishes: “That’s where you come in. We’re sending you undercover as a wagon guard. You have the full authority of the Synod behind you. We’ll be waiting to hear your report. Good luck!”

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Possible Player Characters
Players may use their existing Character Builds. Their characters will level up once the Adventure is finished.

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