Monday, March 23, 2020

Christian Trading Card Game Options

Christian Trading Card Game Options and Other Card Games

Animo: Living Deck Bible Verse Game (Excellent)
If you're looking for an alternative to Pokemon, this is it! With lots of characters and different modes of play, Animo is a definite winner for younger (and maybe some older) players. Create your deck how you want and develop the best strategy to defeat your opponent!

The Armoury Bible Game (Excellent)
This cooperative ala trivia card game has a lot going for it. You play with a partner as either the Warrior or Bard to answer questions and score hits against the Sin boss monster. As you progress, you get to put on more pieces of the Armor of God and can earn different bonuses as rewards. There is a list of free questions on the website. You can also pay for additional Game Master packs to gear your game in a more polemical direction. The questions in these packs don't deal with the Scriptures for the sake of gaining Biblical knowledge for their own sake but for the purpose of teaching against other religious or Christian groups with whom the developer disagrees, so use your discretion.


Bible Battles (GoodReview)
A versus battle simulation Christian card game. 


Bible Wars (Fair)
Choose from six armies, including Israel, to challenge your opponent. Each deck has special cards that reference Biblical persons. The gameplay is fairly simple, and the graphics are even simpler, but it's a good game to play if you want to play something quickly.

Catholic by the Number (Excellent)
Kind of like UNO, this card game has you racing to empty your hand by playing numbers up or down in the sequence across any pile that's already been laid down. Suitable for any Christian group!


Redemption (ExcellentReview)
This is the longest running two-player Christian card game and has a wide variety of cards available to build your deck. The main drawback is the one-goal objective.

Redemption cardback.jpg
Purchase on Amazon or Cactus Games

Saint Cards Game (Excellent)
Play this UNO-style game while learning about the Saints. Even if you're not Catholic, you can still learn from the examples of these Christians. You can also purchase expansion packs to use these cards to play different card games.

Purchase on Amazon or 

The Ten Commandments (Fair)
This UNO-type game is interesting in that you can play different types of cards to empty your hand. Not all of the cards are Ten Commandments. There are cards that help teach the Commandments, and you can play cards based on whether they have to do with that Commandment. I love the teaching in the game. Unfortunately, the art isn't very appealing, and there is a lot of reading of cards, which slows down gameplay.

The Ten Commandments Card Game

Timestream: The Remnant (Good, Review)
Here's another one by Cactus Games. I actually like it a little better than Redemption, even though it's not as popular, because you have more of an objective. You're traveling back to Bible times to witness Biblical events. 


The Mission (GoodReview)
Again from Cactus Games, this one is a completely modern game dealing with the contemporary Christian life: temptations and triumphs. It's the most practical Christian card game I've seen for daily application. They're sold out of starter decks, but you can build your own deck from the booster packs.


Noah's Quest Christian Card Game (ExcellentReview)
This is a fun, competitive card game to help Noah build the Ark.


Principality (GoodReview
This is a great cooperative game to play as you seek to bind Deceivers.


Unity (ExcellentReview)
Appreciate the Jewish roots of your faith and form your strategy!


Christian Card Video Games

Mt. Doubt: christian solitaire game (Poor)
Platforms: Android
Publisher: kingdomgames, 2018

I feel like this game has potential, but it's not really playable yet. The graphics, sound, game interface are all very nice, but it's confusing to get started. When I finally understood what was happening, I realized that there was no strategy to the game. It all depends on the luck of the draw. You need to draw the right cards to match the Pray, Learn, Fellowship, and Serve points needed to overcome each doubt/temptation. Your points reset after each doubt, so you have to start over.

I could be missing something, but that's what I go out of my trial run with the game. I'd like to encourage the developer to keep working on it as I think this could be a very neat app.

Redemption: Victory at Hebron (Excellent)

Platform: PC
Publisher: Brethren Entertainment, 2003

This trading card video game was a real find for me! With a story and 3D exploration to go with it, this is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys card battling. The game still looks and runs great today.

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