Saturday, March 28, 2020

Camelot - Covenant RPG Adventure

by Steve Wilson

Possible Player Characters

  • Princess Morgaine or Prince Morgan of Camelot, heir to the throne, age 21
  • Prince Arthur or Princess Guinevere of Camelot, second-born, age 19
  • Prince or Princess Aglovale of Rom, heir to the throne, age 22
  • Merlin – male or female wizard-in-training, age 19
  • Robin Hood – male or female leader of the Surewood Greensleeves, age 20

Players may use their existing Character Builds to fill the above roles. They will simply use their existing character’s stats to role play the required characters for this game. Their characters will level up once the Adventure is finished.

Get the Player Handbook and read more about Covenant RPG on the Covenant RPG page.

Narrator Guide (Word or PDF) - Spoilers! Narrator eyes only!

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