Thursday, May 2, 2019

Christian Word Video Games

Bible Word Puzzle (Good)

Play for free!

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Daily Bread, 2018

This is a mobile game in which you rearrange letters to form all the possible words while reading Bible verses and answering trivia questions. It's a good combination of activities that becomes increasingly challenging as you play.

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King James Bible (Fair)

Purchase (if you can find it!)

Platform: Game Boy
Publisher: Wisdom Tree, 1994

Read or search the Bible or play either word search or a version of hangman in which you try to keep your sheep safe. It's a simple game, but it's well done.

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Reborn Crosswords (Excellent)

Reborn CROSSwords icon
Play for free on iOS or Android!

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Reborn Entertainment, 2012

While there won't be any new puzzles, you can still play the archive with this app. You can also create your own puzzles to share with others on your website.

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Unwind (GoodReview)

Play for free!
Platform: Browser
Publisher: Christ Gaming, 2017

Spell words and use the power-ups to clear the board!

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