Saturday, May 4, 2019

Christian Video Games for Android

Alpha/Omega: The Christian RPG 
This one's my game, so I'll refrain from rating it ;-)

Check out the game page for more info!

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android
Publisher: BUD Games, 2018

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Bible Trivia Quiz (Fair)

Platform: Android
Publisher:, 2018

I like that there are three difficulty levels and various achievements to earn. The questions are fair, and when you get a wrong answer, it highlights the right one so that you can learn from your mistake if you're so inclined. Still, there's not much to this game, and there are too many ads for my taste.

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Bible Quiz (Good)

Platform: Android
Publisher:, 2017

Wow! This one is for serious Bible students. It will give you a verse (in King James!), and you have to choose which book it's from. It's great if you want a challenge, but this game isn't going to be for everyone. There are ads, but they're unobtrusive at the bottom of the screen.

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Bible Word Puzzle (Good)

Play for free!

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher:, 2018

This is a mobile game in which you rearrange letters to form all the possible words while reading Bible verses and answering trivia questions. It's a good combination of activities that becomes increasingly challenging as you play.

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Guardian Light of the World (Fair)
(Also known as GLOW)

Purchase on Android or iOS

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: The Sanet Group, 2012

There isn't much Christian content to this game, and it does get a little bloody. You're a knight trying to recover the Ten Commandments for your kingdom (don't ask me how your kingdom got the Ten Commandments). There's a prayer of salvation you can read on the title screen, and the game is set up to say that you're fighting demons in your quest. You also gather Bibles as your powerups. Despite the thin Christian skin on this monster-hacker, my main complaint is that the movement and aiming are difficult to control.

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Guardians of Ancora (Excellent)

Purchase on Amazon or Google Play

Platforms: Android, iOS, Kindle
Publisher: Scripture Union, 2015

This platformer that walks through the stories of the Bible is a very impressive offering for mobile devices.

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Pangolin's Puzzle (GoodReview)

Purchase on Android or iOS

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Hero Factor Games, 2018

This is a story-based series of challenging logic puzzles, perfect for when you want to exercise your deduction skills.

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Reborn Crosswords (Excellent)

Reborn CROSSwords icon
Play for free on iOS or Android!

Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Reborn Entertainment, 2012

While there won't be any new puzzles, you can still play the archive with this app. You can also create your own puzzles to share with others on your website.

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