Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Christian RPG Video Games

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance (Excellent)
Play for free on Android or iOS, or purchase for PC and Mac
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Publisher: Scarlet City Studios, 2016

Wow! This is an impressive game, and I certainly hope Scarlet City continues the series. Right now, you can play through the first 3 episodes in which you help the Scarlet Man (Jesus) restore The Great Engineer (God the Father) to the throne of this steampunk kingdom. The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, and there is plenty of allegorical content referencing Biblical stories. This is a must-play game for any Christian gamer.

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Alpha/Omega: The Christian RPG 
This one's my game, so I'll refrain from rating it ;-)
Check out the game page for more info!

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android
Publisher: BUD Games, 2018

+ + +

Destiny Game (Excellent)
Also known as Game of Destiny

Platforms: iOS
Publisher: Battle Gear, LLC, 2014

This is a fun board game to play with your children or as a preteen. There can be up to five players, and you take turns going around the board making real-life decisions. You earn money and Eternal Fruit, which is a way of showing how our choices have consequences.  

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FIVE: Guardians of David (Fair)

Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Kingdom Games, 2015

Play as 5 of David's mighty men as you walk through some of the major events in the famous king's life. 

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Flood: The Prequel 
I also worked on this game. Check out the game page!
Purchase on Steam or!

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Publisher: God Inspired Games, 2019

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Forgiveness: Chapters 1-3 (Fair)

Platforms: PC
Publisher: Breakthrough Gaming, 2006

This is a very retro-style RPG but has all the classic elements of story, turn-based battles, leveling up, and loot. You play as Jimmy and the friends he gathers in this very Chrisitan adventure. The highlight of the game for me was the battle system, which wasn't very challenging, but it does allow you to aim, and if the enemies are lined up right, you can hit two at once. Still, there are too random many battles to enjoy this combat mechanic for very long. The story itself is fairly interesting if a bit tongue-in-cheek.

+ + +

Jesus Christ RPG (Good, DLC Review)
Free to play, with DLCs to purchase

Platform: PC
Publisher: Wholetone Games, 2013

Play a variety of characters as you walk through the life of Christ, battling demons and Pharisees. It's a little strange to have Jesus "leveling up" to learn new miracles, but I understand doing it for the sake of the game. I also appreciate all the humor in the game. 

+ + +

The Journey of Jesus: The Calling (Fair)
Platform: Brower (Facebook)
Publisher: Lightside Games, 2012

This game is available only on Facebook. You'll play as a witness to the life of Christ and interact with people of the day, including Romans, Pharisees, and Jewish believers and nonbelievers, playing through real-life scenarios and helping to minister to them as you see fit. The one complaint I have about the game is that it makes you do mundane activities, such as chopping wood or clearing thornbushes to be able to get close enough to the Biblical scene. Still, for free, it's worth playing around in, even if you decide not to finish it.

+ + +

Noah's Ark: Dash N' Splash (Poor, Review)
Purchase on AndroidiOS, and the Microsoft Store
Platform: PC, Android, iOS
Publisher: JustinTime Studios, 2019

This 3D game shows good effort but needs a little more work. You play an intrepid Noah, getting ready for the Flood. You’ll meet his family as well as others in the world as you gather materials, solve puzzles, and explore the landscape.

+ + +

NIMCOR3 (PoorReview)

Platform: PC
Publisher: Erik Pineda, 2018

This is an RPG Maker game that would be good for the hardcore Christian audience with a few gameplay tweaks.

+ + +

Paul's Mission (Fair)
Platform: Android
Publisher: LH Games, 2017

In this RPG Maker game (the same engine I used to make Alpha/Omega), you play as Paul and experience some of his story. The townspeople quiz you on Bible knowledge, and you fight wild animals on your way from town to town. There are items to purchase and upgrades to make, but the whole game is rather simple and uses a lot of the default settings of the game engine. It didn't keep my interest for very long.

+ + +

Soldier of God  (Poor but Promising)
Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: M633 Games, 2019

Methinks this developer published too soon. Soldier of God has the building blocks of a great game, complete with smooth controls, nice graphics, and relevant teaching, but the world feels very empty at this point. You can fight demons in the field and take on quests, but combat consists of running into the enemy, and you don't get a choice of how to interact with an NPC. I'm going to keep my eye on this game for future updates. A couple of things I'd like to see is either smaller maps or more people, and a choice of what to say when you see someone. That way, you'd be able to practice how you might help someone.

+ + +

That Dragon, Cancer (Excellent)
Purchase on SteamAndroid, or iOS
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Publisher: Numinous Games, 2016

While not really a game, this interactive experience will encourage you as you walk through the life of Joel's parents, hearing real conversations that they had during the course of their young son's illness and eventual death.

+ + +

To Light: Ex Umbra (ExcellentReview)

Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Branch Games, 2019

This is a well-written, story-driven RPG Maker game with the option to either limit the battle mode or enjoy the strategy of combat. 

+ + +

Visions Alpha (FairReview)

Platform: PC
Publisher: Tiny Zoo, 2012

This game is all about immersion and daily life in the 2nd century.

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