Thursday, May 2, 2019

Christian Puzzle Video Games

Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of the Spirit (Fair) 


Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Digital Praise, 2008

This game has a decent story and an animated art style that holds up fairly well. It also has a mix of puzzles, roleplaying, and platforming. Unfortunately, the platforming is rather difficult to control, bringing down the overall gameplay experience.

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Heaven: The Game (Good) 
(Also known as Journey to Heaven) 

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Platforms: PC
Publisher: Genesis Works, 2009

This is a beautiful game that, unfortunately (but understandably), has received a lot of hate. You play Joshua, an astronaut, who is taken to Heaven after your ship malfunctions. There, you solve puzzles as you progress deeper and deeper into the landscape of Heaven. It is a very Biblically based game. The problem is that your guide shows a little too much cleavage. But one could argue that in Heaven, we'll all be pure of mind and able to appreciate the beauty of the female form as God created it. Either way, it's definitely worth playing through if you can get past this one visual issue.

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Keys of the Kingdom (Good)


Platform: PC
Publisher: Inspired Games, 2011

This is a fun one for those who like movement puzzles. You solve the puzzle by blowing up blocks and moving the key to the lock. Sounds simple, but it does make you think. It also displays a new Bible verse every time you defeat a puzzle. The verses are the real Keys of the Kingdom.

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Nacah (Poor) and Isles of Derek (Fair)

Platform: PC
Publisher: Bible Games Company, 2001 and 2003

This is an exploratory puzzle game that doesn't quite hit the mark when it comes to gameplay, though the second game is notably better than the first.

Gameplay of Nacah

Gameplay of Isles of Derek

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Pangolin's Puzzle (GoodReview)

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Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Hero Factor Games, 2018

This is a story-based series of challenging logic puzzles, perfect for when you want to exercise your deduction skills.

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Through the Shadows: The Darkness Revealed (Good)

Platforms: PC
Publisher: True Light Games, 2014

This is a mysterious, immersive, first-person puzzler/visual novel that finds you all alone in a world seeking to find the truth. This is the first of what was to be a series of games that didn't continue, so, as the creator described it, you can think of it as the first novel in a series. It's still worth playing, but don't expect a completely tidy ending.

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The Tomb of Moses (Good)

Platform: PC
Publisher: Vidia Entertainment, 2009

This is a puzzle game with still-decent 3D graphics. Archaeologist Professor Fog has gone missing, and it's your job to go find him. Though not quite true to the Biblical understanding of where Moses is buried, the game still gives valuable information about the Exodus story and the man whom God used to accomplish it.

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