Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Christian First Person Shooter Video Games

Catechumen (Excellent)


Platforms: PC 
Publisher: N'Lightning Software, 2000

In this first-person shooter set during the time of Christian persecution under Emperor Marcus Aurelius, you play as a young Christian seeking to rescue your mentor from demon-possessed Roman soldiers. The game is light on story, but it has great gameplay, and the graphics still look pretty good. One plus is that when you defeat a human enemy, they don't die but rather kneel and pray in repentance.

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Eternal War: Shadows of Light (ExcellentReview)

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Platform: PC
Publisher: Two Guys Software, 2003

This first-person shooter focuses on spiritual warfare and has a great storyline.

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Ominous Horizons: A Paladin's Calling (ExcellentReview)


Platform: PC
Publisher: N'Lightning Software, 2001

This first-person medieval shooter RPG is simply fantastic. Granted, it's a few years old now so the graphics are a little simple, but it's still fun. You're battling demons and Satan's horde to recover pages of Scripture so that it can be printed for the first time.

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Rionon: The Search for the Stone Statue (Excellent)


Platform: PC
Publisher: Disintegration Games, 2014

No, it's not the most technologically advanced game, but the story is very intriguing. You start out on the side of the pagans, looking for your country's stone statue that the Christians supposedly stole. Maybe if you could recover the statue, life in Rionon will turn prosperous again? The gameplay is great, and the whole package is a lot of fun, despite the slightly outdated graphics and development shortcuts.

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Saints of Virtue (Fair)
Platform: PC
Publisher: Cactus Game Design, 1999

Enter the mind and heart of a young man battling the temptations of the world! Unfortunately, while this game is built on a neat concept, the gameplay is somewhat lacking. The enemies don't present much of a challenge, and the game is fairly short. Still, it's worth playing through once if you're looking for a clean first-person shooter. Your weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, which shoots energy bolts.

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Super 3D Noah's Ark (GoodReview)

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Platform: DOS, PC, Super Nintendo
Publisher: Wisdom Tree, 1994

This is a first-person shooter, but you're using food to put irate animals back to sleep as they ride the waves on Noah's Ark.

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The War in Heaven (Fair)
Platform: PC
Publisher: ValuSoft, 1999

This is a fun game to play if you're just looking to slash some enemies. You will pick up pieces of the armor of God to buff you, and you get a little teaching when you do, along with the story setup at the beginning of each level. But mostly, it's you hacking your way through the maps. The gameplay isn't particularly challenging, though, so there's not much replay value. The graphics are still decent considering the time it was released.

One interesting facet of this game is that you can play from a Fallen Angel's perspective, which can raise some questions about what their motives are and were.

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