Thursday, May 9, 2019

Christian Browser Video Games

Daily Bible Jigsaw (Good)
Play for free on Facebook, Android, or iOS!
Platform: Brower (Facebook), Android, iOS
Publisher: Planet 316, 2017

This is a simple jigsaw puzzle game with limited appeal and limited game time. What I mean is that all of the puzzles are of the "cute" variety, are easy to complete, and only offer one puzzle per day. That being said, that might be great for some people. Personally, I would like more variety in the picture styles. What I do like about the game is that it presents each puzzle with a Bible verse and allows you to save the pictures and share them.


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Daily Bible Word Search (Excellent)
Play for free on Facebook, Android, or iOS!
Platform: Brower (Facebook), Android, iOS
Publisher: Planet 316, 2018

Here's another daily game by Planet 316. While it's still a pretty simple game, I like this one a little more because it's more than a game. After you solve the short puzzle for the day, it provides you with a brief devotional to read.

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The Journey of Jesus: The Calling (Fair)
Platform: Brower (Facebook)
Publisher: Lightside Games, 2012

This game is available only on Facebook. You'll play as a witness to the life of Christ and interact with people of the day, including Romans, Pharisees, and Jewish believers and nonbelievers, playing through real-life scenarios and helping to minister to them as you see fit. The one complaint I have about the game is that it makes you do mundane activities, such as chopping wood or clearing thornbushes to be able to get close enough to the Biblical scene. Still, for free, it's worth playing around in, even if you decide not to finish it.


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Lightgliders (Excellent)  
Purchase a monthly or yearly subscription

Platform: Brower
Publisher: Kingdom Scene, 2017

Lightgliders is much more than a game. It's an all-in-one website with children's devotions, animated and live action videos, and mini-games. The games are either about training your character to be a Lightglider or sending you out on missions to rescue Gliddles, cute little creatures of the world who are lost and harassed by the evil machines. Everything contains a lesson and is based on Scripture.

Kids can spend a lot of time on this site, so it's definitely worth the subscription price for as long as your kids are interested. There's also a companion app you can get for Android or iOS. The app is free, so it can provide a good introduction to Lightgliders if you're not sure if your kids will take advantage of the full site.


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Superbook Games (GoodReview)

Platform: Brower
Publisher: CBN

21 mini-games based on the Bible and Superbook characters. Read our recommendations for which are the best to play.

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Unwind (GoodReview)

Platform: Browser
Publisher: Christ Gaming, 2017

Spell words and use the power-ups to clear the board!

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