Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Introducing Wield!

Hi, friends!

Our main character, Mindy, has added a new arcade machine to her d├ęcor. It provides the Wield side game, an exciting action adventure with puzzle-like strategy.

You’ll play as Sir Stephen, a brave knight on a quest to gather the 10 Weapons of Wonder. Each Weapon has a special ability. On your first playthrough, the King of Dwannin gives you the Shining Star, which will make key opponents willing to negotiate with you.

After you complete Wield with that first Weapon, you’ll be able to replay the game, choosing it or any of six other starting Weapons. When you make a different selection, different enemies will also receive different Weapons. In all, there are 40 enemies across 7 playthroughs that might have a Weapon.

Wield represents a different type of gameplay within Alpha/Omega. There are no turn-based battles, no menus to navigate, items to use, or abilities to master. The fun of Wield is figuring out which enemies have which Weapons and choosing your strategy for how to face each one, only once you have the Weapons to defeat them.

Each playthrough will take an hour or two, and any Hero Points you gain in Wield will transfer over to your Alpha/Omega game.

You’ll be able to play Wield once you complete the first chapter of Alpha/Omega, Lucifer’s Rebellion. 

So, if you haven’t already defeated Lucifer, what are you waiting for?! Get on it and put that devil down!

Visit the Alpha/Omega video game page for more information!

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