Friday, January 5, 2018

"Dance Praise" - Christian Video Game Review

Recommendation: Excellent
Originality – 3 / 5
Game Play – 5 / 5
Plot /Game Objective– 4 / 5
Characters – n / a
Aesthetics – 4 / 5

Dance Praise is a Christian video game series. Using the same basic idea as other Dance video games, including Dance Dance Revolution, the gameplay involves quickly stepping on the correct area of the dance pad and players are judged based on timing and accuracy.

Developed by Christian video game developers, Digital Praise, the gameplay emphasizes contemporary Christian music, making it both fun and safe for kids. The Christian dance video game developer eventually merged with Left Behind Games.

The Christian dance video game’s creator and chief technical officer, Peter Fokos, wanted a fun game that offered physical activity for his daughter, who was homeschooled. Being a fan of music and dancing, his daughter wanted – as many daughters do – to play Dance Dance Revolution. Fokos naturally objected to the content in the pop culture game and his daughter suggested he create a Christian dance video game using Christian music.

The Christian dance video game Dance Praise has many pros, not least of which is the fact that its content is far more appropriate for children than mainstream dance video games. A few other positive points of this Christian video game include:

* Over 30 songs by some of the most popular Christian artists
* Three different levels of difficulty, making it fun for everyone
* Four gameplay modes, including a simple exercise mode and a player vs player mode
* The game includes all of the accessories you’ll need
* The game sees your success rate and automatically adjusts your routine accordingly
* Praise in play is great for everyone

There really aren’t any negatives to this game except that you may have to move your furniture to make space for everyone to play.

Who Should Play
Who should play the Christian dance video game Dance Praise? The answer is – everyone! A fun game, it gets you physically active and is so similar to the pop culture game in style and gameplay that your kids won’t mind the difference.

There is a difference, however, which will appeal to nearly any parent, Christian or not. The characters are wearing decent clothing and dancing appropriately. The lyrics are non-offensive and contain no sexual innuendo, let alone sexually-explicit messages. The only other place you can find this in a dance video game is in a game for small children, but you can’t make a preteen play kiddie games. Dance Praise is the way to go!

Purchase Dance Praise or Dance Praise 2: The Remix.

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