Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Video Games

Christian Puzzle Game (Excellent)  
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Platform: Android
Publisher: Fun Apps and Games by SCHACH, 2015

I recommend this jigsaw puzzle game because 1) you can choose how many pieces you break your puzzle into, ranging from 9 to 100, 2) you can unlock new puzzles by watching an ad or waiting for a day to unlock it, and 3) there are a decent number of puzzles in a variety of styles.

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Daily Bible Jigsaw (Good)
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Platform: Brower (Facebook), Android, iOS
Publisher: Planet 316, 2017

This is a simple jigsaw puzzle game with limited appeal and limited game time. What I mean is that all of the puzzles are of the "cute" variety, are easy to complete, and only offer one puzzle per day. That being said, that might be great for some people. Personally, I would like more variety in the picture styles. What I do like about the game is that it presents each puzzle with a Bible verse and allows you to save the pictures and share them.

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